Secure the funding of your current receivables or sell your non-performing receivables -increase liquidity, minimize bad debt losses and expenses in accounts receivable management.

At Perolmen Limited we:

  • offer a complete and flexible blend of international traditional factoring services, which includes financing, managing and insuring your receivables, in order to immediately fulfill your needs.
  • buy your B2B receivables and non-performing loans (NPL) and assume the risk of reduced collectability

International Factoring with recourse

International factoring with recourse is a product which we can offer that combines two services. It is especially designed so that it offers professional management and collection. At the same time, it offers discount of receivables that are created from commercial transactions between businesses that are based in the countries based across EU and CIS markets.


We offer an immediate and permanent solution to the cash-flow problems that you may face, turning the overdue amounts from your debtors into cash.
Flexible and without bureaucratic procedures
The level of funding is not based on tangible assets for collateral
Discount of up to 90% of the value of the invoices you issue to your debtors, within 24 hours of your submission to us.


We offer insurance cover for your debtors, allowing you to extend and organize your future activities with more security and certainty. You can insure your debtors, on a whole ledger basis or selectively. At the same time you can remove insured debtor balances from your balance sheet figures.

Administration and Collection

We fully take over the responsibility of handling the portfolio of debtors that is given for collection, freeing you from the time-consuming and expensive administrative procedures of the particular portfolio. In this way your staff can focus exclusively on the primary company’s work.

You will be sending us original invoices that you issue and we will register them in the corresponding accounts that we will keep in our system. In case you receive post-dated cheques from the debtors, you will send them to us and we will register them in their corresponding accounts receivable that we keep. We will manage the accounts always in coordination with you.

  • We issue and send monthly statements of the invoices that have been paid
  • We assess the credit rating of your debtors, we determine the credit limits for each one and we consult you accordingly, safeguarding you from taking up excessive credit risks.
  • We collect the amounts receivable from your debtors, keeping in touch with them, sending them reminder letters and visiting them in case it is needed.
  • We carry out a more effective collection, decreasing the time needed to collect and importantly reducing your operational cost.
Debt Purchase

Unpaid receivables are expensive! They take up a large share of capital and resources. In addition to the financial risk for your company, processing and monitoring these receivables demands significant accounts receivable management. Particularly as the age of the receivable increases more intensive measures are required, which drive internal and external costs.

The sale of such claims is a real alternative. You minimize your accounts receivable management demands, and at the same time benefit from an immediate inflow of liquidity. Because the purchase price is paid immediately upon contract conclusion, regardless of our collection success.

We will support you with the implementation process: starting from the tax treatment to handling direct payments, take backs in special cases you deem necessary and finally to winning your customers back.

How does debt purchase work?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. Transparent, fair and comprehensible.


The total cost of services depends on the type of product that you will choose and results from two independent fees

The Discounting interest: It pertains to the amount discounted to you against a predetermined interest rate.

The Administration fees: It pertains to the cost of provided services and it is calculated as a percentage of the invoices that are assigned to our company.

Your benefits

Extensive experience in international receivable management

More than 5 years of experience in debt purchase and more than 500 portfolios purchased make Perolmen one of the most reliable and experienced partners for the purchase of your defaulted receivables. We have significant industry expertise in e-commerce, telecommunications, banking & finances, energy and mobility.

One contact partner for your national and international B2B receivables

Perolmen Financial Solutions has an international network of largely group-owned collection companies, as well as carefully selected partner collection companies. Through our network, we are able to purchase your non-performing receivables across national borders and ensure professional local collection. Our collection experts take into account cultural characteristics and payment behavior when processing non-performing receivables. Hence, we support you in customer recovery and increase your customer satisfaction levels.

Consultancy for implementation process
Immediate liquidity and optimization of your financial KPIs
Immediate risk transfer
Reduction of internal accounts receivable management expenses
Cross-national solution with one contact partner